We are pleased to welcome you to our 5th edition of the Junior Cup in Montreal. Come join us for a two day tournament. This unique women’s tournament in Quebec will offer you the opportunity to discover a new type of event.It is structured like a mini championship where you can experience the rules and regulations inspired by our southern neighbors.

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What is Montreal Cup?

Schedule of games

The organization of the Montreal Cup is an initiative set forth by the Voley LLL, the Lynx, the Celtiques and the Chimères, the four major clubs in the Montreal metropolitan area.  The primary goal of this initiative is to promote cooperation between the clubs as well as allow the athletes a chance to develop their skills in volleyball.

Coupe de Montreal

Junior Championship

January 6-7  2024

College Showcase

Junior Tournament

mMontreal Cup


We are pleased to welcome you to our  college showcase.

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This year the Montreal Cup will be played in September and October with the addition of the MTL Cup Invitational  . The Invitational will be hosted by Cégep André-Laurendeau on September 23-24-25  2022. The event will oppose the 4 CCAA Montreal teams and teams invited from Ontario and the Maritimes.

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-The MTL Cup Invitational :
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